All your thoughts will change about on Hotel Lock

Hotel Lock Systems

Can a professional company change all your thoughts on hotel lock designs and implementation? Can it offer unlimited options? Affordable price?

for modern hotel rooms HOTEL DOORBELL

New Style Cabinet Locks

Are you still using password type cabinet locks? Then you are not aware of our new products that we still use developing technologies! Be sure to take a look …

Combo Design New Energy Saving Units

Our Contactless Hotel Systems are More Flexible Now .....

You can examine our Contactless Hotel Systems and adapt to this new period faster with the equipment suitable for your projects. You can follow your hotels remotely and automatically check all health measures from the first entrance to the exit.

Now it is easier to use and more affordable with Offline and Online product options ….

Our Minibar Safe and Hair Dryer models are now with wider options .....


Now there are more types, options and features in Minibar models.Models with glass door, Drawer type or Solid cover, Bottle bar plug on models with glass lids.In this way, it can display more products in the can make the products more attractive.Take a look at Zero Decibels Absorbed type and Thermoelectric models ….


We increased the model and size options of Hotel Room encrypted safes,Now available in our sales channels with models, colors and size options suitable for all types of rooms.Laser cut body, guarantee of all kinds of abrasion and corrosion resistant electro static paint quality.Led illuminated inner panel, automatic opening cover, electrical connection for charging, checking the opening records with Audit feature,It is possible to add and remove all functions that do not end with counting, such as working with contactless cards, rental feature.


We have been producing our Hotel Type Hair Dryers with superior quality for years, you can no longer look through the usual consumable eyes, our products operate smoothly in the same quality for years thanks to extra protections, saving you from guest complaints. Be sure to examine the Hotel type hair dryer fixed to the wall and drawer, we guarantee the satisfaction …

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